- Intel Xeon Servers
- 7 Data Center Locations
- N+1 Redundancy
- Customization Choice
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Powerful CPU Nodes
- Fast RAID10 Storage
- Free Server Management
- Linux or Windows VPS
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Customized Setup
- Easy Clone & Resize
- Onapp Control Panel
- Managed Cloud Network
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
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Lot Servers DC1 is located in the Databank building in Dallas, TX. The facility features all-fiber connectivity, multiple connections to the power grid, redundant power and cooling systems, and multiple security layers. DC1 maintains an enterprise-class network with top of the line bandwidth carriers.

dedicated servers
dallas data center
dallas data center

We have applied the most rigorous standards of design, testing and maintenance in Dallas data center facility to ensure maximum security and uptime for the critical data and applications hosted for our clients. The facilty has multiple key features that allow us to provide solid service to our customers:

dallas data center

  • Six utility feeds from the Dallas Central Business District power grid, featuring reliable N+3 transformers with ATS switches, plus secure, concrete encased building feeds.
  • UPS and Generator Backup Power using true A+B power configurations.
  • All UPS and Generator deployments provide N+1 redundancy provided by:
    • Four 800 KVA MGE UPS systems
    • Two 1200 KVA CAT UPS Systems
    • Four 2.0 megawatt generators
    • Three 1.5 megawatt generators
  • Advanced security maintained through:
    • On site security, 24/7/365
    • Card access required to enter parking and building lobby
    • Biometric hand scanner required for datacenter entry
    • Annual SAS 70 Audits
  • Consistant and percise HVAC Cooling System designed with N+1 redundancy and featuring:
    • 3500 Ton cooling tower capacity
    • A multiplicity of 30 Ton Liebert CRAC Units
    • 80,000 gallon reserve make-up water tank
    • Liebert Leak Detect System
    • Raised flooring

Network Equipment

Dallas data center utilizes all Cisco hardware through-out the datacenter. With two border routers, two core routers and redundant links going to each switch on the racks, Dallas data center provides the superior network that you need in order to provide solid services to your clients.

Bandwidth Carriers

We provide our customers with multiple Tier 1 bandwidth carriers.

  • Internap
  • Telia
  • Savvis

dallas, texas DC 1 network

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