- Intel Xeon Servers
- 7 Data Center Locations
- N+1 Redundancy
- Customization Choice
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Powerful CPU Nodes
- Fast RAID10 Storage
- Free Server Management
- Linux or Windows VPS
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Customized Setup
- Easy Clone & Resize
- Onapp Control Panel
- Managed Cloud Network
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
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Nobody can afford to lose data, especially if you run a business. Lot Servers is proud to offer our online data backup services powered by Idera enterprise continuous data protection. Lot Servers online backup services can backup web servers, backup servers, databases, vps nodes and any other type of server.

dedicated servers

online backup services
online backup services

How it works is simple but powerful. Signup for one of our online backup services plans and we will provide you access to download our backup agent. You determine which files to backup, when, and how long to keep them. You can setup an agent any server (Linux and Windows), workstation, PC or anything holding data you want backed up to our protected systems. You have web access 24/7 to login and restore files directly from the secure backup systems.

Online Backup

Remote Raid-10 Space Price Per Month
50 GB $20
100 GB $30
500 GB $80
1 TB $110
2 TB $190
5 TB $300

Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery

Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery: Restore servers directly from disk-based backup. Unlike traditional backup software, there is NO need to first partition your drive and install the operating system.

High Performance

Sector based backups increase throughput and reduce overhead. Servers can be fully operational with minimal performance impact during backups. Backups can usually be performed at anytime, even on busy servers.

Small Backup Windows

Only changed disk sectors are copied between backups. Incremental backups can now be completed in minutes.

Open File Backups

Righteous Backup is a total solution including built-in support for backing up open files. NO 3rd party software is required.

Snap Shots

Our technology provides consistent point-in-time system-wide backup images.

Near Continuous Backup

During normal host operation, the Lot Servers’s Agent keeps a journal of disk changes. Incremental backups know what sectors on the disk have changed before the backup operation even starts. This eliminates the need for file-by-file or block-by-block comparisons every backup.

Remote Administration

Software can be completely controlled offsite using a web-based interface.

Data Compression

Incremental sector based backups ignore unused portions of the disk and copy only the disk sectors that have changed since the last backup. This when used with traditional compression, reduces backup storage by as much as 90% when compared to a traditional system wide, file-by-file backup.

End-To-End Strong Encryption

Data is continuously encrypted while in storage and during network transmission using RSA keys. Decryption during a restore is only possible when the encryption key holder enters their pass phrase.

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