- Intel Xeon Servers
- 7 Data Center Locations
- N+1 Redundancy
- Customization Choice
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Powerful CPU Nodes
- Fast RAID10 Storage
- Free Server Management
- Linux or Windows VPS
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Customized Setup
- Easy Clone & Resize
- Onapp Control Panel
- Managed Cloud Network
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
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Lot Servers DC6 is located in Romania, Europe with latest data center security, features and fiberoptic network. This datacenter is highly reliable and provide efficient connections to worldwide users and very fast speed for europian visitors.

dedicated servers
romania data center
romania data center

The data center is located at the edge of Bucharest (Romania, Europe).
Address: Str. Pacii, no. 36, Chiajna, Ilfov, Romania

romania data center

Internet Connection

We are using multiple internet service providers that connect us to the rest of the world, they are connected to redundant Cisco equipments for maximum uptime and performance.
List of Internet Service Providers:
Global Crossing
Dotro Telecom

Energy Distribution

The data center draws its power directly from the main local power grid using triphase connectivity.
For power distribution inside our data center we are using multiple online UPS that are monitored 24/7.
In case of power failure the backup generator will automatically take the load, and in case it fails, a secondary generator is going to start automatically as well.
Main features:
Triphase power connection
Online UPS
75KVA Diesel Generator

Cooling and Fire Suppression

HVAC Cooling System designed with N+1 redundancy

Network Security

We have security staff 24/7 at the facility, but since this is a private Data Center only romania data center's personel is allowed.

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