- Intel Xeon Servers
- 7 Data Center Locations
- N+1 Redundancy
- Customization Choice
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Powerful CPU Nodes
- Fast RAID10 Storage
- Free Server Management
- Linux or Windows VPS
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
- Customized Setup
- Easy Clone & Resize
- Onapp Control Panel
- Managed Cloud Network
- 99.9% Uptime SLA
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Lot Server's DC4 is data processing Center of Synterra, one of the best Data centers of Russia. DC4 is located at Michurinsky Prospekt 27/5, Moscow, Russia. This Hi-tech Data Center has been built in accordance with the international requirements of TIA-942 standard and Tier III category.

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russia data center
russia data center

Four-level security system completely eliminates unauthorized access into the territory of the Data center. The territory of Data Processing Center and entrance are guarded 24/7 by professional security personnel. In addition, Data Processing Center is controlled by CCTV. It is impossible to enter the Data center without a pass. Security of server equipment is increased due to use of closed racks, equipped with all the necessary for faultless operation of servers.

russia data center

The highest level of disaster resistance is achieved by means of combination of a number of innovative solutions. The system of uninterrupted power supply is one of such factors; availability of standby sources of uninterrupted power supply for emergencies allows the equipment collocated in the Data center to operate autonomously for 30 minutes. Standby generator can function for ten hours without refueling.

Innovative climate control systems with air conditioning and combined extraction and input ventilation operating at “N+1” system (Necessary + 1 standby) allow for maintenance of the temperature mode required for normal operation of the equipment.

The system that monitors harmful gases in the air allows for timely detection of emergencies and their efficient elimination.

Environmentally friendly inert gas is used for fire extinguishing.

Server equipment collocated in the Data center is under 24/7 monitoring of qualified engineers on duty of Lit Servers Company. Our engineers are ready to come to your assistance in case of emergencies: setup, replacement or reloading of server equipment, and technical consultation.

With your equipment at Data Processing Center of Synterra you can rest assured that your web applications, information systems, data bases and other resources are going to function stably 24/7.

Access to Internet is via central node of national communication provider Synterra.

Since Synterra has its own trunk-line structured communication channels it provides a reliable and high speed data exchange in the network and good connectedness both in Russia and all over the world.

Collocation of a server in the Data center includes a whole complex of additional services that allow maintaining stable operation of the equipment and expanding of opportunities for work.

If you decide to lease a server, we can provide both standard and individual offers on its configuration.

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